Hey there! Some changes happening around here. First of all, it was time to change the band name, and focus more on solo work. So you can find everything to come on these pages, including new collaborations, solo shows, and whatever comes our way. See you out there and thanks for visiting!

Arizona Illustrated feature 

Happy to share this little video shot by Arizona Illustrated for their 'Far Afield' series. They asked us our dream location, and what's dreamier than a friendly neighborhood bar in the daytime?

Three years ago 

Been getting nostalgic y'all.

Three years ago we shot this video in Prescott, AZ, with our good buddy Tres Ikner. Hope you like it as much as we do.


Long Time Coming 

This Saturday we're finally releasing the very first thing we recorded as a band.  It's a split single with Phoenix's Rising Sun Daughter on Baby Gas Mask Records!

Come on out to the show, and check out the video Baby Gas Mask made for the song!



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