Spontaneous Prescott

Sometimes, the best things are totally unplanned.  
Last weekend we played the last show of our nine week tour in Prescott, and it was perfect.  We saw so many old friends and made some new ones.  Among them were Dylan Ludwig, Tres Ikner and Bobby Bennett.  We had tentative plans to record in the morning at Prescott's best guitar shop, Grey Dog Guitars, but were concerned about singing so early, so we decided to just go for it after our show was finished (around 11PM).  Tres and Dylan went home to charge their cameras and grab some beer, and we headed over to Milagro Arts Center.  They've got this big stage area with killer natural reverb, and we decided that the best song for the space was 'Everchanging Trail,' which Sam and Laura co-wrote during the East Coast leg of the last tour.  It's four-part a cappella harmony, and it's a tricky one.  But we think we did a pretty good job, so we're gonna share this footage with you.  Please show your friends and let us know what you think!  Thanks a bunch.

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