Pocatello Son

We just released a new video!  This song was inspired by and dedicated to our friend and fellow songwriter Cyril Barrett.
Thanks to Tom Moore for help with the filming!
Please enjoy.


Everchanging Trail Release Party and Spring Tour

That's right: no less than one million things are happening!  Here's the upcoming schedule:

Monday, April 11 - 9pm - LATKM plays live on KXCI Locals Only.  If you missed it, you can still hear it here!

Wednesday, April…

Join the Nation!

We're SO EXCITED to announce our partnership with RoadNation, a brand new crowd-funding engine designed specifically for bands on tour.

You guys, this is SUCH a good idea: YOU choose the cities we play and get sweet exclusive content and…


Spontaneous Prescott

Sometimes, the best things are totally unplanned.  
Last weekend we played the last show of our nine week tour in Prescott, and it was perfect.  We saw so many old friends and made some new ones.  Among them were Dylan…

Tour update!

Photo by Beth Meier from the Random Tea Room in Philly

The past month has seen us through flat tires, ten straight days of driving in the rain, couchsurfing with old friends and total strangers, wistful streamside walks, one million…

One Bell is released into the wild, gets rave reviews

Photo by Erik Ngai Ham Chan 

You guys, so many updates!
We celebrated the release of our new album, 'One Bell,' at Saguaro Corners last Saturday, with a killer patio party.  The property is right across the street from Saguaro…

Phoenix loves us!

Once again, the YabYum Music and Arts blog in Phoenix are proving that they are paying attention to Tucson.  They're big fans of the new album, check it out, or read it on their site:
  Laura and the Killed …

Thank you, Tucson Folk Festival!

This was our first year playing the Tucson Folk Festival, and we couldn't have had a better time.  Some rare Tucson rain cooled us down right before our set, our friend Nick Coventry was happy to sit in on a…

Update: shows and Summer tour

Hey there internets!
We're working on so much right now that it's hard to keep everyone up to date.  Hoping to remedy that here:

2/28 show at Cafe Passe is cancelled
Passe tried their hand at being a venue for…