Sneak preview of poster by Jennifer Bao

We can barely get over the awesomeness of our new poster by Tucson buddy Jennifer Bao.
 We'll have these available in all their glossy, full-color glory, at our show at Club Congress on January 8!
Here's a sneak preview, in…Read more

Opening for Mavis

What a pleasure and an honor.  It was so cool to get to share the stage with such a legend.  Thanks for having us, Mavis.

Photo by Bobby Deming

Photo by Lisa Healey

What!? We're opening for Mavis Staples!

How many exclamation points is too many?  
We just received notice that we are opening for Mavis Staples at the historic Tucson Fox Theatre.  
Holy crap.
If you don't believe us, or if you just want tickets, go here.

Feature in YabYum West!

YabYum, Phoenix's most fun music blog, has started a weekly feature on Tucson artists.  Check out their feature on Laura (plus some great photos by Nicci Radhe) here!